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The Evolution Of China's Capital Markets

We are embarking on a new era in global markets: it is likely to be one that has China’s increasing integration into the global financial system at its core. As China rebalances its economy, internationalises its currency and allows greater foreign participation in its capital markets, decisions made in Beijing will have a greater impact on investors’ portfolios, no matter where it is invested.

Despite recent market volatility, we believe that now is the time for investors to understand the global effects of China’s economic transformation and the possible long-term implications for their portfolios.

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We believe a wealth of opportunities may be uncovered for investors who are prepared to take a disciplined-bottom-up approach with a long-term time horizon.

A New Era In Global Capital Markets

In the Investment Institute’s third Journal we explore the Chinese investment opportunity in depth, with contributions from some of the world’s most eminent thought leaders and investment practitioners. Our objective is to help investors navigate the complex issues surrounding China’s rising role in global finance.

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China is seeking to rebalance its economic model and become better integrated into the global financial system by allowing greater foreign participation on the onshore capital markets and encouraging its companies to invest abroad. As we have seen in recent months, this rapid rate of change generating a significant amount of volatility and disruption. This is to be expected, however. As these structural adjustments play out, we believe a wealth of opportunities may be uncovered for investors who are prepared to take a disciplined, bottom-up approach with a long- term time horizon.

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